The Slow Clock

Bio: Dinky sounding guitars over beats provided by a thin drum machine. With a vocal range that both Jim and Mariah Carey can’t even top The Slow Clock chooses to deliver its lyrics in a deadpan and often inaudible fashion. It’s quite charming to hear him struggling on the bass guitar like a wannabe funkateer. He him writes songs a mile a minute because of a deep realisation that time is definitely nót on our side, but as long as there is the power of numbers we’ll be in the clear. In other words: Youjustgottaloveit!

The Slow Clock is a project of Harmen Kuiper, the frontman of the now defunct indiepop band Chinup and currently one half of the sludgepunk duo GDVRDGDVR. Being half-Italian he wrote all his lyrics in half-Italian before translating them into half-baked English, for the international market. The Slow Clock is based on the 18th century novel L’orologio Lento by the forgotten writer Eros Ramazzotti (no relation). It discusses time travelling long before H.G. Wells and Michael J Fox stepped into their DeLoreans.

File under: U.N.P.O.C., Sneaks, Liars, Carla dal Forno, DRINKS, Marine Girls, XTC, John Frusciante, Barry Manilow and the Kassettentäter compilations.

In 2020 I released a 7-song EP every week for ten weeks straight.

On 03-03-2022 I will my release my third full length release ‘The Origin of Air Quotes’. Here’s the cover art, made by visual artist Marieke Coppens:

Here’s the 2017 album, The Slow Clock Two:

Here’s the video for the single ‘Attack and Defend’

If you like it, you can also listen to the Deluxe edition of the old record from 2014 on Spotify. Apart from the 12 tracks released in 2014, I’ve added 12 more tracks that were recorded during the time of that release and didn’t make the cut, like the very first The Slow Clock song, ‘Opportunities’, demo’s, reprises, avant la lettres and an Italian version of the Chinup song ‘We Not Moving’ (called Non Stiamo Muovendo, for obvious reasons).

The Slow Clock is only available for live shows in L.A. We (me and an actress who’ll lipsync the shit i spit) don’t ask for much, just our travel expenses and a nice place to stay for a while.

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